Anonymous: i honestly didn't mean to sound rude. it's just if I had requested a follow (which I didn't) I'd feel like you were blowing me off saying that. I absolutely think you should post what you want on your blog. and that you should follow who you want. i don't follow everyone who follows me either. and I wouldn't follow you if i hated what you posted. I really do love your blog. 

The upset posts weren’t meant for you really! i understand why you asked and I can totally understand where it comes from and all! Just made me a bit sad cause I want people to know I really aren’t trying to get out of it or anything! So it’s cool, are we cool? The upset posts and supportive messages were because close after I answered you I got an anon calling me a bitch for it… I hope I didn’t make you feel like I was mad at you or anything? Thanks for still liking my blog even though I’m a very crappy person and you’re very nice…



i am really sorry i can’t do edits but there’s a picture of lil me so i hope that makes up for it

i’ve been meaning to make this for a while, i kinda missed my blog’s half birthday by like 1 month 16 days (oops) and i can’t be bothered to wait until i hit 1k so yeah

thank you to anyone i follow/who follows me for giving me a really nice experience on here; of the 10ish blogs i’ve made over time (oops(again)) this is by far my favourite, mainly because the people in this family are so nice and cool like ily guys

onto the follow forever part, these are some blogs i love, theres a lot and this isn’t even all of them omg

thank you again

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i’ve just realised how ridiculously long this is i’m so dumb sorry i’m gonna go

thank you thank you thank you

thank youuuu, this means a lot! <3<3

Thank you sO MUCH!

Paramore attends the Alternative Press Music Awards at Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum on July 21, 2014 in Cleveland, United States.

paramophy: Thank you! :) and i hope so n.n 

No problem! :D 


Self-Titled Tour (2013)

paramophy: those are a lot of notes! my biggest post by now has just like 3k :j 

I am mostly just very excited for the girl that made the sign! and don’t worry, don’t give up and then one day it will happen! :) You’re edits are great btw!


'Paramore saved my life' sign by the lovely defendxpoprocks.

Anonymous: omg your name is sophie?? so's mine ^^ 

ay yes it is! let’s be homies